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Sincerely Miné Okubo

Directed by Yuka Murakami
  • 2021
  • 13 mins

A short biographical film on the Japanese American artist and illustrator, Miné Okubo, who authored the seminal graphic memoir “Citizen 13660” (1946) which chronicled the incarceration experience at Tanforan and Topaz, Utah.


About the Director:

Yuka Murakami is an artist and filmmaker in Los Angeles, Calif. She works in the Media Arts Center at the Japanese American National Museum, and is in the MFA Film Directing program at the California Institute of the Arts. In 2020, she received an Emmy as a producer on the Artbound X series episode “Masters of Modern Design.” A featured short produced for this that she edited, “Kay Sekimachi,” was also nominated. She was a recipient of the 2021 Alison Doerner Prize for Women Pioneers in Filmmaking.

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