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Camp Stories

  • 134 mins

From Wyoming to Arkansas, these films encapsulate the concentration camp experience in one concise volume, giving voice to those who survived the incarceration, as well as those who advocated for them.

In this program

“The Legacy of Heart Mountain”

Directed by David Ono and Jeff MacIntyre

“The Legacy of Heart Mountain” (2014, 53 min.) by David Ono and Jeff MacIntyre. Heart Mountain is a spectacular backdrop to a story of triumph and tragedy in this Emmy Award-winning film. Most vivid, however, are the stories from people who once called it “home.” At the heart of the film are striking photos taken by George and Frank Hirahara, developed in a secret dark room under their barrack. The film features Nisei draft resisters, as well as Nisei veterans of the 522nd Field Artillery Battalion who helped to liberate Dachau.

“Relocation, Arkansas: Aftermath of Incarceration”

Directed by Vivienne Schiffer

“Relocation, Arkansas: Aftermath of Incarceration” (2017, 81 min.) by Vivienne Schiffer. A moving look at unique stories from the Jerome and Arkansas concentration camps. Mayor Rosalie Gould was a fearless woman whose old friends and neighbors threatened her life because she had the audacity to see the prisoners not as the enemy, but as Americans who had been wronged. Along the way, they left her their valuable treasure — the haunting art of the camps.