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“Within Their Gates”

Directed by Matthew Goriachkovsky
  • 2019
  • 10 mins

“Within Their Gates” (2019, 10 min.) by Matthew Goriachkovsky. Japanese American concentration camp survivor, Yukio Shimomura of Morgan Hill, Calif., recounts the anguish of his captivity during WWII.

Matthew Goriachkovsky is a Russian-Jewish American multimedia storyteller based in Los Angeles. His creative work focuses on restorative justice and the lives disrupted by systemic oppression. Goriachkovsky is inspired by his immigrant parents who fled the social upheaval and political unrest of the collapsing USSR. He graduated from UC Irvine in 2019, where he studied Education Sciences and Digital Filmmaking. Goriachkovsky’s latest work, “Our Small Majority,” is a social justice podcast which focuses on interviewing researchers, educators, and activists on various issues concerning social inequality.

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Shorts Program + Panel Discussion

“Three shorts films: “Bearing the Unbearable,” “A Hero’s Hero,” “Within Their Gates”   “Bearing the Unbearable” (2019, 29…

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Sun, Feb 21
1:00 pm