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“Bearing the Unbearable” + panel discussion on forced removal from Bainbridge Island

Directed by Rory Banyard
  • 2019
  • 29 mins

“Bearing the Unbearable” (2019, 29 min.) by Rory Banyard. The story of the forced removal of Japanese Americans from their home on Bainbridge Island, Wash. during WWII and their subsequent incarceration in Manzanar and Minidoka concentration camps. With panel discussion to follow with filmmaker Rory Banyard, former Bainbridge Island incarceree Lilly Kodama and Clarence Moriwaki of the Japanese American Bainbridge Island Community, moderated by former KPIX-TV News Anchor Wendy Tokuda.

Rory Banyard, director and producer of “Bearing the Unbearable,” has been directing and producing award-winning documentaries for twenty years. He is based in Portland, Oregon and is the founder and owner of North Shore Productions. His work has won numerous awards and been part of the Official Selection of over a dozen film festivals worldwide, including the Big Sky Documentary Film Festival and the International Wildlife Film Festival. Rory has directed and produced two half-hour visitor center theater films for the Minidoka National Historic Site and is currently directing and producing a one-hour documentary about the incarceration experience at Minidoka and Japanese American activism today.

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Shorts Program + Panel Discussion

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Sun, Feb 21
1:00 pm