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“A Song for Manzanar”

Directed by Kazuko Golden
  • 2015
  • 18 mins

“A Song for Manzanar” (2015, 18 min.) by Kazuko Golden. A bond between two sisters, one in Manzanar and another in Hiroshima. The closeness of the sisters is shown in glimpses of childhood experiences, a conversation as young women, and the dogged effort of the older sister to get a letter out of the camp to her sister in Hiroshima.


Plays in

Narrative Shorts

The narrative shorts allow us to step back in time — creating a visceral experience of the sparse living quarters and barren desert, capturing the camaraderie and fractures that develop, and drawing us into the emotions of the characters. It is encouraging to see younger filmmakers remain connected to the stories of their ancestors.