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“A Hero’s Hero”

Directed by Robert Shoji
  • 2020
  • 11 mins

“A Hero’s Hero” (2020, 11 min.) by Robert Shoji. Yosh Kuromiya spent time in prison for resisting the draft during incarceration, while his nephew Kiyoshi Kuromiya, a pioneering civil rights activist in the African American and gay communities, remains an unsung hero’s hero.

 Robert Shoji holds a lifelong interest in music and the creative arts. After parlaying his engineering degree from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo into a successful career in consumer electronics he is now focusing his creative talents to tell his own story in film and music.

With discussion with filmmaker Robert Shoji and Joel Quizon, the instructor of the Visual Communications “Digital Histories” program, which helps older Asian Pacific American adults create documentary projects to bring out stories from underrepresented or misrepresented communities.

Plays in

Shorts Program + Panel Discussion

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Sun, Feb 21
1:00 pm